Data de Lançamento: 19 de julho de 2018

Nombre original: –Ě–į–∑–ĺ—Ä–Ķ–Ļ

Situação: Lançado

Tempo de execução: 1h


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Moscow School of New Cinema


Alexander, a spiritual guru, treats life as a ongoing practice: he leads developmental trainings,specializes on Tensegrity, and being a life coach is eager to help his own daughter to deal with her illness - bouts of depression. He takes her to the sea. As the drama unfolds,we observe,how the world around Alexander begins to oppose his inner practice. Everything around him lives in compliance with a unfathomable law. He is infected with something subtle,something of tremendously erotic nature. Alexander has to make an inner choice: make an act of transgression to find his way out of sensual chaos and find himself. Even if the choice has to be painful. The goal of the film is to explore human nature, which often finds itself on the verge between spiritual-religious and sensual entity.
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