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Theft in the Express


Data de Lançamento: 1931-09-09

Theft in the Express

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In a large European city the newspaper sellers are setting the latest news. "A Mysterious Theft" and "Buddha's Statue Missing" are some of the headlines. The news is also broadcast on the radio and spreads fast. A masked man enters a lawyer's office. He picks the lock in the desk with a skeleton key and takes out an envelope with the note: "Lord Herbert's Last Will and Testament. To be opened on September 1, 1930 in the presence of my daughter Mary." The layer walks nervously in front of the burgled desk. He brings out a revolver and points it in his head. At this very moment the detective Chante Coq, a Lord Herbert's friend, enters the room. He undertakes to find both thief and the will. The wealthy heiress travels from France to East on the Orient Express. The international criminal carrying the envelope with inheritance papers is also in the train. After series of adventures the will is retrieved.
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