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shinnecock bay: locks eddy

Géneros: –

Data de Lançamento: 2019-03-08

Classificação do Conteúdo: NR

shinnecock bay: locks eddy
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shinnecock bay presents two views of the eponymous body of water on the coast of Long Island. Shot five years apart and on opposite sides of the inlet, the two works—leeward and locks eddy —chart the artist’s continued engagement with the sea, and the increasingly sophisticated video technologies he uses to capture it. The videographs (the artist’s name for this medium) differ in style: leeward is heavily abstracted, while locks eddy has a nearly hyperrealistic degree of definition. In each, campus reveals minute shifts in light and color that would be impossible to register with the naked eye. The result is an exhibition inviting one to meditate on the sublime beauty of the natural landscape, while also noting the gap between what we perceive, what the camera records, and what the artist calls attention to in the video.