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Mengejar Mas Mas

Comédia · 

Data de Lançamento: May 24, 2007

Situação: Lançado

Tempo de execução: 1h 39m

Mengejar Mas Mas

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Shanaz (Poppy Sovia), 17 years old, becomes a rebellious teen since her father passed away. She feels guilty for his death. She and her mother never get along quite well, and it reaches its worst when her mom told her that she will remarry. Shanaz feels that her mom betrays her late father. She decided to run away from home and go to Jogja to see her boyfriend, Mika (Marcel Anthony). Stranded all alone in Yogya she finds that Mika goes to climb a mountain, unreachable by phone. Shanaz accidentaly is lost in the low class prostitution in Jogja. Luckily there’s Ningsih (Dinna Olivia), a prostitute who has simpathy for her.
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