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Toilet Hanako-san: Secret of the Disappearing Girl

Terror · 

Data de Lançamento: September 19, 1997

Nombre original: トイレの花子さん 消えた少女の秘密

Situação: Lançado

Tempo de execução: 1h 11m

Toilet Hanako-san: Secret of the Disappearing Girl

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Its their first year at Honcho Junior High and things get off to a very shaky start when students left and right begin having strange experiences. While Miyuki visits her teacher Saeki to attend to a finger cut, she has visions of a somber-faced girl in an outdated school uniform. At that very moment, panicked students run into the office announcing that another student, Mizudani Sachie, has fainted while in the "Hanako stall" of the girl's bathroom, the rumored location of the haunting spirit of a young girl. When Sachie fails to regain consciousness, she is taken to the hospital, where she later awakens with no memory of the incident. Upon her return to school, however, Sachie now seems to have full insight into other things such as the manner of death or serious injury each student will face.

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