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One Step Away

Romance · 

Data de Lançamento: 2011-09-22

One Step Away
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The 30-year-old Xiao Ma is the lead guitarist of the "cold avoidance" band. On the stage, he is full of energy, cool and heroic, and invincible; in life, he is a smiling, sunny, and loves the Tiger New good youth. In his spare time, the Xiao Ma is not indulging in the entanglement between flesh and skin, but actively learning various knowledge. In the English tuition class, he fell in love with the beautiful tutor teacher Jiang Ting. Under the circumstances of concealing identity, Xiao Ma and Jiang Ting began to fall in love. However, there is an unspeakable secret in Xiao Ma's heart, that is, his bed wetting, which has also become the biggest obstacle in his love process ...