The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear

Family · 
Animation · 

Release Date: December 18, 2002

Original name: Drengen der ville gøre det umulige

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 15m

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When a boy child is stolen by bears who raise him as their own, his human parents hunt the bears in despair, and the boy is faced with the dilemma of who and what he is.

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The Child who wanted to be a bear (original title Drengen der Ville Vaere Bjorn) is a French-Danish animated film directed by Jannick Astrip, released in theatres in 2001. The film tells the story of an Inuit child abducted and raised by bears, and who is starting to become a bear because he does not want to return to live among humans. The film uses the technique of cartoon on cellulo with watercolor painted decorations. The music was composed by Bruno Coulais.

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