Haunted Honeymoon

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Release Date: July 25, 1986

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 22m

Content Rating: PG

Budget: $13,000,000

Revenue: $8,033,397

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Larry Abbot, speaker in the radio horror shows of Manhattan Mystery Theater wants to marry. For the marriage he takes his fiancée home to the castle where he grew up among his eccentric relatives. His uncle decides that he needs to be cured from a neurotic speech defect and exaggerated bursts of fear: he gives him a shock therapy with palace ghosts.

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Haunted Honeymoon is a 1986 American comedy horror film starring Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner, Dom DeLuise and Jonathan Pryce. Wilder also served as writer and director. The film also marked Radner's final appearance in a movie prior to her death of ovarian cancer in 1989. The title Haunted Honeymoon was previously used for the 1940 U.S. release of Busman's Honeymoon based on the stage play by Dorothy L. Sayers. In the film, Wilder and Radner play Larry Abbot and Vickie Pearle, two radio murder mystery actors who decide to get married. Larry, plagued with on-air panic attacks, is treated with a form of shock therapy and subsequently chooses to marry Vickie in a castle-like mansion which had been his childhood home. Once there, they meet the eccentric members of Larry's family, including his great-aunt Kate (DeLuise) and his cousin Charles (Pryce).Honeymoon was distributed by Orion Pictures through a deal with HBO. The movie flopped (grossing just short of its $9 million budget), was critically panned, and earned DeLuise's character of Great-Aunt Kate the Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress. The movie represents the last feature film appearance for Radner (prior to her diagnosis and death from Ovarian cancer) and the last directorial role for Wilder.
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