Two of Us


Release Date: March 25, 1987

Status: Released

Running time: 1h

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Matthew just left school. He believes he is gay and is handsome. Despite hostile reactions from his peers, Matthew has remained friends with only one school friend, Phil. Phil's girlfriend Sharon and his classmates became aggressive as their relationship grew more intense. Two friends run away because they are ostracized by their friends and family.

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Two of Us is a 1987 gay-themed BBC television film written by Leslie Stewart and directed by Roger Tonge. It was produced for the BBC Schools Scene series, and intended for young adults. It confronted the Thatcherite government's attempt to ban gay sex education in schools via the controversial (and since repealed) section 28 legislation. Given this backdrop, the BBC opted not to show it during the day and it was screened late at night, even though it was originally created for a school audience. It wasn't until February 1990 that the play was shown during the day.
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