Zwei schräge Vögel


Release Date: September 11, 1989

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 40m

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Frank and Kamminke study informatics in Leipzig and have developed a program that enables a computer to automatically find and correct errors in its software. Freshly graduated, they are relocated to a remote Thuringian village after causing a computer breakdown. There, they are supposed to work in a small company that has no clue of economic management. The rather helpful computer system from West Germany plainly lacks compatible software. But Frank and Komminke are not allowed to work with the hardware , although it is them who could make most out of the complex system. Eventually, and with the help of consultant Petra whom both are in love with, they break into the system control room on New Year′s Eve and start up the computer with their special program.

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Two Odd Birds was a 1989 DEFA film. Before the opening of the Wall, it was one of the last DEFA films to come to the GDR cinemas.
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