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Release Date: August 31, 1972

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 33m

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During the Napoleanic Wars, members of the Prussian Lützow Free Corps steal a French war chest from the house of collaborator Kerstinn, but their captain Friesen is captured and sentenced to death. But Friesen is saved by French Sergeant Fleuron and they flee the occupied city together. Kerstinn's daughter Marie is disgusted by her father's disloyalty and has also fallen in love with Friesen. When she learns about a trap that is being set for Lützow Free Corps, she sets out to warn them with the help of her father's clerk Püttchen, a Lützow sympathizer.

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DEFA produced a historical film in 1972 called Ltzower. The film was made by W. Walter Janka acted as a dramaturge in the 1955 play of the same name, which was also involved in the scenario. The film is located in the Freikorps of Adolf von Ltzow during the liberation wars in the spring of 1813, but the real past is only used as a film for a socialist patriotic interpretation. The film was not successful in the criticism since the film's implementation of the stage material did not succeed and the production looked like a filmed theatre. The film was also performed in the SSR and Hungary.
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