Botticelli – Inferno


Release Date: November 7, 2016

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 36m

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Dante described hell as the work of the Renaissance master Botticelli. The film takes us on a journey through hell with fascinating and exciting insights into Botticelli's art and its hidden story.

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Botticelli Inferno is a 2016 Italian-German documentary film directed by Ralph Loop. The film is part of the project Great Art Cinema and analyses one of the most mysterious works of Sandro Botticelli, the Map of Hell in the Divine Comedy Illustrated by Botticelli in the Vatican Library. The map was originally part of an illustrated manuscript of Dante's Divine Comedy, featuring artwork by Botticcelli.The film was edited in the facilities of TV Plus, Medea Film, and Nexo Digital. It attempts to shed light on Botticelli's motivation for drawing his Map of Hell, and, in the process, to reveal the dark, and less well known, side of the Renaissance master who is famous for painting The Birth of Venus and Primavera.
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