Release Date:October 12, 2003

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 23m

Content Rating: PG

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The Celtic queen shook the Roman Empire. One of history's first and fiercest women warriors is Boudica. The king of the Iceni accepted a treaty with the Romans in exchange for his tribe's continued independence. The Romans want slaves because of high taxes. The Romans decided to take control of their lands after crushing the Iceni. Drawing on the strength of her warriors, mystical druidic powers, and her own pain, Boudica unite the historically fractious tribes of Britons to unleash a stunning onslaught on the Roman colonial camps. The Roman empire will be destroyed.

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Boudica (released in the United States as Warrior Queen) is a British television film released in 2003. Starring Alex Kingston, Steven Waddington and Emily Blunt, in her film debut, the film is a biopic of the queen of the Iceni tribe, Boudica.
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