Blue Swallow


Release Date:December 29, 2005

Original name: 觳棸

Status: Released

Running time: 2h 13m

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Park Kyung-Won, dreamed of flying since she was a little kid. To achieve her dream of becoming a pilot, Kyung-Won, at the age of 26, travelled to Japan and enrolled in an aviation school. While studying at the aviation school, she supported herself by driving a taxi. One day, Kyung-Won picks up a male passenger, who turns out to be a Korean exchange student Ji-Hyeok. Ji-Hyeok is attracted to her and what she was trying to accomplish. Although he begins to court Kyung-Won, Ji-Hyeok leaves to enlist in the army. A few years later, Kyung-Won flies her first flight and becomes a pilot. Her accomplishment is well received Korea. Meanwhile, Kyung-Won takes under her wings, fellow female Korean aviation student Jung-Hee, who wants to follow in Kyung-Won's footsteps. Also, Ji-Hyuk is discharged from the army and is commissioned as a officer in a aviation school. Ji-Hyuk and Kyung-Won meet again and soon realize their feelings are as strong as ever.

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The true story of Park Kyung-won, an early Korean female pilot, is the subject of Blue Swallow. When Park's alleged pro-Japanese activities came to light, the film became controversial. The filmmakers had thought that she was the first female pilot from Korea, but she was actually the first female pilot from the Republic of China Air Force. Blue Swallow under-performed at the box office despite excellent reviews and Park's biographer pointing out factual errors in the accusations.
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