Precure Miracle Universe

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Release Date: March 16, 2019

Original name: プリキュアミラクルユニバース

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 10m

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The Pretty Cure Series (プリキュアシリーズ, Purikyua Shirīzu), also known as PreCure (プリキュア, Purikyua) and PC, is a Japanese magical girl anime franchise created by Izumi Todo and produced by Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, Asatsu-DK and Toei Animation. Each series revolves around a group of magical girls known as Pretty Cures who battle against evil forces. Starting in February 2004 with Futari wa Pretty Cure, the franchise has seen many anime series, spanning over 800 episodes to date, as well as spawning movies, manga, toys, and video games. Its most recent iteration, Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure, began airing in February 2021 as part of TV Asahi's Sunday morning children's television block. To date, three series have received English adaptations.

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