Bread and Tulips

Romance · 
Comedy · 

Release Date: March 3, 2000

Original name: Pane e tulipani

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 54m

Revenue: $8,478,434

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Istituto Luce Cinecittà
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A light comedy about a woman who becomes a resident of Venice after her family leaves her. She achieved a new life and first time away from her family.

This Movie Is About.

hitchhike · 
family holiday · 
little boy · 
freedom · 
marriage · 
marriage crisis · 
mother-in-law · 
self-discovery · 
mystic · 
oddball · 
mother role · 
family's daily life · 
roadhouse · 
plumbing supplier · 
flower shop · 
florist · 
accordion · 
bus ride · 
pescara · 
tango · 
married couple · 
trip · 
amateur detective · 
depression · 
mother · 
dancing · 
suicide · 


Bread and Tulips or Pane e tulipani is a 2000 romance comedy film directed by Italian Director Silvio Soldini. The movie stars Licia Maglietta and Bruno Ganz as Rosalba Barletta and Fernando Girasole. The film was an official selection at numerous film festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival.

Filming Locations.

Venice, Italy

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