Litchi Hikari Club


Release Date:February 13, 2016

Original name: 銉┿偆銉佲槅鍏夈偗銉┿儢

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 54m

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The year is 2XXX and Keiko Town is an over-industrialized stretch of blackened factories that emit thick layers of smoke that cast it in a state of semi-darkness. The citizens of Keiko Town walk around their town in a state of desperation. The secret base of Hikari Club can be found in an abandoned factory in an obscure corner of town. The teenage boys of the Hikari Club despise the adults of their community and have taken it upon themselves to eradicate what they perceive to be the evil and filthy of the grown-up world. They built a machine with artificial intelligence and called it "Litchi". With the boys on the verge of puberty and turning into adults themselves, their own world has begun to collapse around them.

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