Dixie Chicks - DCX MMXVI Live


Release Date: August 7, 2017

Status: Released

Running time: 2h 1m

Dixie Chicks - DCX MMXVI Live

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In April 2016 the most famous former Texas street musicians will go on their fifth concert tour through Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The country girls are now more modern and rockier than before. They play some of their hits in a familiar acoustic bluegrass sound with perfect multi- voice vocals. Laura Lynch and Robin Lynn Macy were part of the group that included the sisters Emily Robison and Martie Maguire. The band has sold more than 30 million albums in the US. Robin Lynn Macy left the band in 1992 and Laura Lynch left three years later. The new lead singer is Natalie Maines.

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