Michael Jackson - History World Tour - München 1997


Release Date: July 4, 1997

Status: Released

Michael Jackson - History World Tour - München 1997

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Michael Jackson was on the HIStory World Tour. Gates of Kiev is a video. There is a song called "Scream" featuring a song called "They Don't Care About Us" and a song called "In the Closet". It's time to be startin' somethin'. It was strange in Moscow. Smooth Criminal” 6 The Wind Video Interlude 7 You are not alone. Jackson sings "I want you back" and "The Love You Save" Remember the Time” is a video. Billie Jean” The song is called Thriller” Beat It” 13 There is blood on the dance floor. The video is called Black Panther” Dangerous” 16 Black or White” 17 The Earth Song is 18. We Are the World” is a video. Heal the World' They don't care about us. The story is called HIStory”

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