Release Date: October 18, 2013

Status: Released

Running time: 49m


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Elena and Lucas are a happy couple with their son Hugo. Elena has a very coherent and organized imaginary world since her childhood, where she goes to feel safe and meet two friends: Leslie and an old ludicrous and crazy man. She shares this secret only with her husband and they have incorporated this particularity to their daily life. One day, Elena follows her husband's advice and takes her son to a new pediatrician for a basic check-up. Once there, she learns that the doctor is actually a psychiatrist and that it is her whom he wants to see. He explains to her that he husband revealed to him the existence of her imaginary world and that it puts her in a delicate situation for the custody of Hugo in the divorce Lucas has started. Her life is shattered: the more she talks about her world, the more frightening it gets. She doesn't feel safe anymore in it and starts suspecting everyone. She sinks into paranoia.

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