Lupin the Third: Napoleon's Dictionary

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Release Date: August 9, 1991

Original name: ルパン三世 ナポレオンの辞書を奪え

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 30m

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27 User Ratings
Lupin the Third: Napoleon's Dictionary

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The prize in an antique car grand prix across Europe is the only goal of Lupin. The dictionary was once owned by Napoleon. The location of one of Lupin's family's most prized possessions can be found in the dictionary, which was once owned by his family. It is a matter of family pride that Lupin doesn't know what the possession is. Can Lupin outrace everyone to the treasure with the usual suspects on his trail?

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Takashi Sasano (笹野 高史, Sasano Takashi, born June 22, 1948) is a Japanese actor.

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