Babenco: Tell Me When I Die


Release Date: November 26, 2020

Original name: Babenco - Alguém Tem que Ouvir o Coração e Dizer: Parou

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 14m

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Besieged by cancer and nearing the end, the genius Argentine-Brazilian filmmaker Héctor Babenco (1946-2016) asks Bárbara Paz, his wife, for one last wish: to be the protagonist of his own death.

Cast & Crew.


Babenco: Tell Me When I Die (Brazilian Portuguese: Babenco: Alguém Tem que Ouvir o Coração e Dizer Parou) is a 2019 Brazilian documentary film directed by Bárbara Paz. The film premiered at the 2019 Venice Film Festival, where it won Best Documentary on Cinema. And focuses on the last years of life of filmmaker Hector Babenco, who died in 2016, victimized by a cancer. It was selected as the Brazilian entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.

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