The Custodian


Release Date:March 17, 1994

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 49m

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Detective James Quinlan has left his alcoholic wife to expose the corrupt police force that surrounds him. He left his normal life to join his partner Detective Church in order to get into the double-agents circle. He is working with a reporter and an Internal Affairs lawyer to expose them.

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The Custodian is a 1993 Australian drama film, written and directed by John Dingwall, starring Anthony LaPaglia, Hugo Weaving and Barry Otto. LaPaglia plays Det. Sgt. James Quinlan, a police officer who attempts to bring his corrupt partner Det. Church, played by Weaving, to justice.John Dingwall claims he wrote around 16 drafts of the script.It received three Australian Film Institute nominations.

Filming Locations.

Sydney, Australia 路 Australia
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