The Exterminator

Drama · 
Crime · 
Thriller · 

Release Date: September 10, 1980

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 41m

Content Rating: R

/ 10
13 User Ratings

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A man is dead on the streets of New York. Christopher George is the only one who can stop Robert Ginty from turning New York into a great war zone.

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The Exterminator is a 1980 American vigilante action film written and directed by James Glickenhaus. It stars Robert Ginty as Vietnam War veteran John Eastland, also known as "The Exterminator". When a group of thugs paralyze his friend, Eastland becomes a vigilante, embarking on a mission to cleanse New York of organized crime. The film also stars Samantha Eggar, Christopher George and Steve James. It has gained a cult following since its release.

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