Zatoichi's Conspiracy

Drama · 

Release Date: April 21, 1973

Original name: 新座頭市物語・笠間の血祭り

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 28m

/ 10
11 User Ratings

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Zatoichi will be returning to his home village for the first time in a long time. Zatoichi had the same wet-nurse as Omiyo. Shinbei, a childhood friend, is now wealthy and does not remember Zatoichi. Shinbei seems to be interested in repaying the villagers' debts, but is in reality manipulating the ownership of a now-valuable rock quarry. After learning of the subterfuge, Zatoichi confronted his old friend, who had a score of yakuza swordsmen backing his play.

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The Legend of Zatoïchi: Back to the Homeland () is a 1973 Japanese film directed by Kimiyoshi Yasuda, directed by Shin Zatōichi monogatari: Kasama no chimatsuri.
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