Release Date:January 1, 1977

Original name: 鬲丕噩賵噩

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 18m

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The film is set a hundred years back in the eastern part of Sudan in a place of total isolation. Tajouj is the beautiful cousin of a young tribal man who is deeply in love with her. He publicly declares his love for her in a song. The traditions of the tribe denounce such an act and as a consequence his uncle refuses his proposal of marriage. But after the young man departs and declares his repentance, the marriage is finally allowed. In the meantime, however, another man has staked his interest in Tajouj, which drives the young man to jealousy. This sets the stage for a series of transgressions which will result in tragedy and send the young man into exile as a wandering bard of the deserts.

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Tajouj, is a 1977 Sudanese historical romance film directed by Gadalla Gubara. The film is the first feature film of Sudan. It deals with a dramatic story about the unhappy love of two suitors towards the heroine, set in rural Eastern Sudan, and featured the famous actor Salah ibn Albadya. It is considered as one of the best films in African cinema.The film received positive reviews from critics. The film won the Nefertiti Statute, the Egypt's highest film award at the Cairo International Film Festival in 1982, and won prizes at film festivals in Alexandria, Ouagadougou, Tehran, Addis Ababa, Berlin, Moscow, Cannes and Carthage.
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