Los Veganeros

Drama · 

Release Date: March 20, 2015

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 28m

Budget: $27,000

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The 94 years old Alma is a passionate environmentalist. She doesn’t like the deforestation of the rain forests at all, that the Germans eat ever more meat, and that animals are fattened in concentrated animal feeding operations across the country. The pensioner looks for equal minded people via adverts in the local papers and gets to know the young kindergarten worker Vicky. Both participate in a group meeting in the restaurant “Los Veganeros”, where they and other environmental activists plan their projects. During one of these meetings Vicky propose to abduct the pig fattening industrialist Heinz Granitzka to force the public to take notice of the horrible conditions the animals are being forced to live in. The group all but jumps at that idea and start to carry it out, with fatal results.

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The film is based on the genres of drama and comedy. It talks about the themes of vegan and animal rights.
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