The Lady of Heaven

Drama · 
History · 

Release Date: December 10, 2021

Status: Released

Running time: 2h 21m

Content Rating: R

Budget: $15,000,000

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13 User Ratings
The Lady of Heaven

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A child from war-torn Iraq is moving into a new home after his mother dies. Lady Fatima, the daughter of the prophet Muhammad and the first victim of terrorism, is told to him by an old woman. Through the stories, the child learns how the virtue of patience is important to everyone, as well as how Fatima's experience has spilled into the 21st century.

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The Lady of Heaven is an upcoming epic historical drama film directed by Eli King. Produced by Enlightened Kingdom, the film bills itself as the first movie on the life of the historical figure, Fatima, during and after the era of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. In addition to the Islamic story of 7th century, the film also deals with ISIS in the 21st century and the origin of Islamic terrorism.
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