A Rather Complicated Girl


Release Date: February 7, 1969

Original name: Una ragazza piuttosto complicata

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 40m

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Having casually overheard a confusing phone conversation between two women, Alberto manages to get in touch with one of the callers, Claudia, a painter. The two become lovers and things are spiced up by Claudia's ambiguous sexual nature and by the presence of her former lover, Pietro. Alberto discovers a pistol in Claudia's handbag and this leads to a further revelation: she's dominated by her stepmother Greta, who forced her into a clandestine lesbian relationship; of which Claudia is ashamed and wants to end - at all costs. Alberto, now a slave to love, runs Greta over. But Claudia denies urging him to murder.

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Una ragazza piuttosto complicata (internationally released as A Complicated Girl) is a 1968 Italian giallo film directed by Damiano Damiani. For her performance in this film and in Metti una sera a cena, Florinda Bolkan was awarded with a Golden Plate at the 1968 Edition of David di Donatello.
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