Historia de una noche


Release Date: July 12, 1962

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 31m

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After a few years, Víctor Morel comes back to the city. He has been a happy and Bohemian man who spent an authentic fortune. His first meeting with the past is with Laura, an extraordinary woman with he had intense relationships. She is now married with Daniel Romero, a man dedicated to the business that, precisely in the last days, has had a money problem. Due to this matter, Daniel will have to ask Víctor for help because it knows that he can extract it of the difficulty, in spite of the fact that he does not have any sharm.

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One-night history is a Spanish film of the genre of drama filmed in black and white directed by Luis Saslavsky on his own script written in collaboration with Carlos Aden according to the play Tomorrow is a holiday, by the Austrian playwright Leo Perutz who premiered on January 28, 1963 and who had as protagonists Paquita Rico, Simón Andreu, Rafaela Aparicio, Rafael Bardem, Maite Blasco, Julia Caba Alba, Lina Canalejas and Isabel de Pomés. There is another previous version of the work filmed by the same director in 1941 in Argentina.
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