Tears Were Falling

Fantasy · 
Drama · 

Release Date: January 15, 1983

Original name: Слёзы капали

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 29m

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A beautiful man, husband, father and worker Pavel Ivanovich Vasin got into the eye with a shard of the mirror of an evil wizard. And the world for him appeared in a gloomy light. He began to insult and offend everyone at home and at work. Anger and suspicion overwhelmed Vasin's heart. Enemies, schemers and thieves are seen everywhere. Everywhere he sees intrigues and intrigues. In complete despair from the ineradicability of evil, Vasin cries bitterly... along with tears, the unfortunate splinter disappears.

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Tears Were Falling (Russian: Слёзы капали, romanized: Slyozy kapali) is a 1982 Soviet fantasy film directed by Georgiy Daneliya. The plot can be viewed as a modern interpretation of the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen The Snow Queen. It was the last film role of actor Boris Andreyev.
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