Damai Kami Sepanjang Hari


Release Date: June 6, 1985

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 41m

Damai Kami Sepanjang Hari

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Iwan, a high school student, loses his bajaj-driver father because the jeep of Dance Lintang, a famous singer, runs him down. Iwan’s pregnant mother has to work hard. Iwan has been singing on the streets for money, and now he gets help from his younger siblings who sell newspapers. But his mother passes away when she gives birth to her last child so Iwan vows to raise his siblings. But when he cannot afford it, he puts his siblings in the orphanage. Then when his girlfriend Tia yells at him for doing that, he instinctively runs off with his siblings. He is imprisoned as a result but a journalist, Miftah, who knows his talent, bails him out. Iwan decides to quit school and Miftah manages to record him. Dance is furious when he hears that Iwan is making a record. He approaches the producer and destroys the recording tape. Then Dance gets arrested for narcotics while Iwan’s record is a major hit, so he brings his siblings home from the orphanage.
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