Nakalnya Anak-anak


Release Date: February 18, 1980

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 45m

Nakalnya Anak-anak

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Surya, a retired ship captain and widower with five children, has trouble disciplining his children. He invited a private teacher to educate and guide his children. Several teachers are trying to do their job. Utari is a young teacher who is able to conquer them slowly. Surya's future wife would be disturbed one day by the children. She was fired because she suspected that Utari was behind it all. Utari goes back to his hometown. The children are sad and the youngest one gets sick. Surya is trying to get the teacher to work for them again. Utari doesn't want to. Only when the children approach her does she relent and return to Surya's house.
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