Der Bulle und das Landei - Tödliches Heimweh

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Release Date: May 10, 2010

Status: Released

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Big City bull Killmer has proven himself professionally in a covert operation, but privately put bad in the nettles. That's why he is transported away: to the country, to the Eifel, far away from his usual hunting area. In the very clear town of Monreal, local police officer Kati Biver has just applied to the big city, because she is too little off. Kati is by no means happy that she suddenly has a boss in front of her nose and finds Killmer's casual big city possession extremely provocative.

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The Bull and the Landei is a crime series. In April 2016 six episodes were broadcast. The Eifel town of Monreal is where the series plays.
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