The Little Theatre of Jean Renoir


Release Date: December 15, 1970

Original name: Le petit théâtre de Jean Renoir

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 40m

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Part One, "The Last Christmas Dinner," is about the relationship between an old man and an old woman, both homeless. Part Two, "The Electric Floor Polisher," is an opera-like story of a woman who is obsessed with polishing her floors. Part Three is a musical interlude featuring Jeanne Moreau singing "When Love Dies." Part Four, "The Virtue of Tolerance," concerns an old man, his young wife, and how they come to terms when she has an affair with a man her own age.

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The Little Theatre of Jean Renoir (French: Le Petit Théâtre de Jean Renoir) is a 1970 television film written and directed by Jean Renoir. The last completed work by Renoir, it consists of three short films: The Last Christmas Dinner, The Electric Floor Waxer and A Tribute to Tolerance.
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