Das Verlegenheitskind


Release Date: December 23, 1938

Status: Released

Das Verlegenheitskind

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Winegrower Peter Vierköttel and his son Bartel like to talk to their wines, which Anna, Peter's wife, doesn't like to see, because she watches over the money. She wants to create order and marry her son with Binchen, the daughter of the gardener Jupp Spriestenbach. But she has long chosen the young gardener Bock. But the dear money leaves Vierköttel no peace and so he raises a plan with his friend Jupp: to the appearance he buys from him his best vineyard, and borrows the money from sister-in-law Camilla. But when the matter becomes tricky, Jupp sells the vineyard back to Vierköttel again Some things go wrong, and when Anna wants to know where the money has been, Bartel closes an illegitimate daughter to her father, who allegedly got the money. The new waitress Lore comes just at the right time to take on this role.

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The film is a comedy based on the play of the same name. The leading roles in the film were played by Paul Klinger, Hilde Schneider, Ida Wst, Maria Paudler and Ludwig Schmitz.
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