The Five Star Stories

Drama · 
Animation · 
Action · 

Release Date: January 1, 1989

Original name: ファイブスター物語

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 5m

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"The Five Star Stories" is a well created Japanese anime film.Among the 5 star systems known as the Joker Systems, there are many kingdoms. There are knights within the kingdoms and these knights who control giant robots, Mortar Heads, are called Headliners. Bound to the knights are fatimas. Human in appearance and mind, the fatimas (mostly female) possess expanded physical capabilities and make it possible for a Headliner to control a Mortar Head. Fatimas cannot reproduce. All this is overseen by Emperor Amaterasu and his Mirage Knights.

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Haruo Tanaka (田中 春男, Tanaka Haruo, 5 March 1912 – 21 February 1992) was a Japanese film actor noted for his supporting roles in a career that spanned seven decades.
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