Liebling, weck die Hühner auf

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Release Date: December 19, 2009

Status: Released

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After their city escape from Berlin, the Teuffel family has been living in the countryside for a while now – and the economic crisis does not stop even in front of the tranquil Krummenwalde. Jobs are lost, people move away and look elsewhere for their luck. Son Kai "jobbt" in the village pub and daughter Lisa has the feeling that at 18 finally and quite urgently she has to become a woman. With a lot of humor and energy, the members of the Teuffel family prove that despite seemingly insurmountable problems they hold together and master ups and downs together. In the end, the story takes a surprising twist for the whole village. Krummenwalde has another chance!

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There is a German TV comedy called Honey, wake the chickens up. Bring the chickens to bed from 2002. The title of the second sequel was Liebling, release the chickens.
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