Der kühne Schwimmer


Release Date: August 27, 1934

Status: Released

Der kühne Schwimmer

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Gabriele Degenhardt and her daughter Annemarie want to travel to Brunshaupten, where their groom Dr. Fritz Neubauer is to come later. Fritz tries to help Annemarie pack the suitcases, but is only in the way and is entrusted with other tasks. One of these orders leads him to a bookstore where Alfred Möbius works as a salesman. He has just received a love letter from Käthe Eberlein, the daughter of the wealthy sporting goods dealer, and is with his thoughts with her So it comes that he packs Fritz the wrong books and also the letter.

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The Daring Swimmer (German: Der kühne Schwimmer) is a 1934 German comedy film directed by Georg Jacoby and starring Ralph Arthur Roberts, Susi Lanner, and Ida Wüst.
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