The Man from the Diners' Club


Release Date: April 17, 1963

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 36m

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Mobster Foots Pulardos, who operates a health gym as a front, plans to flee to Mexico to evade government tax officials. His girl friend, Sugar Pye, suggests that he first arrange for the cremation of a man having his own peculiar identifying characteristic--feet of different sizes--and then apply for a Diners' Club card for use in paying his fare. The request for the credit card comes to the desk of Ernie Klenk, a timid clerk. Nervous about his forthcoming marriage to the boss's secretary, Lucy, Ernie inadvertently okays the application, then, discovering his mistake, rushes to the health gym to recover the club card he has issued.

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The Man from the Diners' Club is a 1963 comedy film starring Danny Kaye, directed by Frank Tashlin. It was made by Ampersand and Dena Productions and released by Columbia Pictures.
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