Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenét and the City of Boulder

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Release Date: February 27, 2000

Status: Released

Running time: 2h 58m

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hysterical media coverage made it difficult to investigate the murder of JonBenét Ramsey.

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Perfect Murder, Perfect Town is a 2000 American television miniseries directed by Lawrence Schiller. The teleplay by Tom Topor is based on Schiller's book of the same title.Including historic news and talk show footage, it covers in great detail what was considered a botched investigation into the murder of six-year-old JonBenét Ramsey, whose body was found in the basement of her Boulder, Colorado home on December 26, 1996. The police and district attorney openly feuded about how the case should be investigated. Their focus on the girl's parents drew intense worldwide media attention that ultimately made the adults appear guilty to the public. While a grand jury was willing to indict them for exposing JonBenet to a threatening situation, the prosecutor decided against prosecution because the evidence was too weak.The miniseries originally was broadcast by CBS.
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