Ridin' Wild


Release Date: September 16, 1925

Status: Released

Running time: 48m

Ridin' Wild

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Like many Easterners who suffer from consumption, Jim Warren goes to Arizona for the cure of "The White Plague." Jim can't find a room in Tucson because he's a 'lunger' and he's befriended the daughter of a rancher. Jim encounters members of the gang headed by Jordon, a notorious rustler.

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Ridin' Wild is a 1925 American silent Western film directed by Leon De La Mothe a written by Robert J. Horner and Matilda Smith featuring William Barrymore. The film was shot on location in Tucson, Arizona in 1924. An 8mm print of the Film was acquired by the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation and digitized and restored in 2011. The film features the first 1924 Tucson Winter Rodeo: La Fiesta de los Vaqueros.This Western starred William Barrymore who, despite his intentionally misleading surname, was not a member of the great acting clan. He was, in fact, Elia Bulakh, a former Cossack soldier in the army of Czar Nicholas II who had escaped execution during the revolution of 1917 by using the lid of a can of beef (which was supposed to be his last meal) to slit the throat of his executioner and escape from Russia to the United States via China.
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