Dancing Trees


Release Date:January 1, 2009

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 36m

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Martha sees the world as fun. She is incapable of looking after herself because she has a form of autism. Living in a dull routine with her cousin Nicole and mother Josephine, she sees the good in everything. Martha was sent to a foster home after her mother was murdered. The police block Nicole's requests when she tries to get custody of her cousin. Martha must help solve the crime and find justice for her mother if Detective Velez relents.

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Dancing Trees (Partners in Crime) is a Canadian drama thriller film directed by Anne Wheeler and written by Joseph Nasser. Its cast features Brooke Burns, Katie Boland and Amanda Tapping.Martha is an autistic mathematical genius. Suddenly, her mother is viciously murdered before her eyes and she along with her cousin Nichole must use her unique abilities to catch the killer.
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