Higglytown Heroes


Release Date: September 12, 2004

Status: Ended

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 56

Running time: 30m

Higglytown Heroes

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Disney Channel


The Disney Junior portion of the Disney Channel has a children's television series called Higglytown Heroes. They Might Be Giants performed Here in Higglytown as the show's theme song. On March 23, 2012 Higglytown Heroes returned to Disney Junior on its cable and satellite channel.


Higglytown Heroes is an American CGI-animated children's television series produced by Wild Brain that aired on the Playhouse Disney block on Disney Channel in the United States. The show's characters are shaped like Russian nesting dolls. In the show, children Wayne, Eubie, Twinkle, and Kip learn about all of the important jobs that people do in Higglytown. 65 episodes were produced.The theme song of the show, Here in Higglytown, is performed by They Might Be Giants, which was also released on their second children's album Here Come the ABCs. After its series finale originally aired on January 7, 2008, reruns aired on Playhouse Disney until March 29, 2009.Disney Junior then aired it in reruns from March 23, 2012 until November 29, 2018. The Higglytown Heroes TV series was made using Alias Maya which was used to design models and textures for the Higglytown Heroes Characters, and Photoshop which was used to create the 2D backgrounds and 2D props. The lyrics to the first "Hero" song were written by Kent Redeker, one of the show's executive producers. The song was composed and produced by Mark Harrison, the show's senior songwriter.The series will be available to stream on Disney+ on April 2, 2021.
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