The Flower with Petals of Steel


Release Date: November 13, 1973

Original name: Il fiore dai petali d'acciaio

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 30m

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A doctor accidentally kills his girlfriend, when he causes her to fall onto an ornamental flower which has metal spikes. He disposes of her by chopping up and then dissolving her corpse. The woman's sister accuses the doctor and an investigation begins. In the meantime, a second woman is killed and the doctor begins to receive metal petals through the post...

This Movie Is About.


The Flower with the Petals of Steel (Italian: Il fiore dai petali d'acciaio, also known as The Flower with the Deadly Sting) is a 1973 Italian giallo film directed by Gianfranco Piccioli, starring Gianni Garko.

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