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Release Date: February 11, 2004

Original name: コンクリート

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 53m

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3 User Ratings

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A high-school girl is kidnapped and held captive for several months. She was repeatedly beaten, raped, and tortured. Furuta Junko was kidnapped and held in the house of one of the four youths. Junko was subjected to rape, torture, and humiliation and was forced to tell her parents that she was ok. Junko had to endure unimaginable suffering at the hands of these four individuals. After losing a game of mahjong, they beat her with an iron dumbbell and set her on fire with lighter fluid. She died from shock. The name 'Concrete Encased High School Murder Case' was born as Japan had to confront the horrors of this crime. The drum was dumped in a tract of reclaimed land.

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Concrete (コンクリート, Konkurīto) is a 2004 independently produced Japanese film that is based on the case of the murder of Junko Furuta. The film deals as much with the social factors that produced Furuta's four assailants as it does with Furuta's suffering at their hands.The film involves four boys who kidnap a girl named Misaki. The boys rape, torture, and murder her in a similar manner to the manner of the boys who killed Junko Furuta.Many people protested the film's release before it even premiered, and it was eventually relegated to specialty theater showings and a DVD release.


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