Alien from the Deep


Release Date: October 15, 1989

Original name: Alien degli abissi

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 30m

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A chemical corporation dumps tons of toxic waste in a volcano deep in the jungle. Two environmentalists try to expose illegal ways of getting rid of dangerous waste, but they get caught by people working for the company One of them, the super-hot Maria Giulia Cavalli, manages to escape and she is saved by a snake farmer who lives alone in the jungle. It is too late for them to bring down the company. Years of chemical poisoning have created a monster that is set out to exact revenge on humans that have brought him to life. Alien from the Deep is one of the most beloved Italian rip-offs. There are lots of different genres and styles in the movie, which is a wildly entertaining ride.

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Alien degli abissi is a 1989 Italian film directed by Antonio Margheriti.
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