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Suspense · 

Fecha de Lanzamiento: 16 de enero de 2020

Título original: ปิดป่าหลอน

Estado: Estrenada

Tiempo de ejecución: 1h 55m


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Among the students that have the blood of the overwhelming prank Who knows that the beginning of the challenge of seniors who want to measure the courage of the juniors that day. Will bring the loss and horror. The next day, Joe tiny, Ood, Oi, June, powder, and guitar to apply to the Forbidden Forest, according to the challenge of the seniors. But on the day he arrived, Joe canceled the trip because his mother didn't allow it. And there are seniors who are one of the main persons traveling together All eight lives traveled by train to meet a skilled hunter and assistant named Sam at the train station. Before heading to the forest, all ten people took a group photo together on the railway tracks. In this photo shoot, everyone will choose their own standing position.
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