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Winnie the Pooh - Frankenpooh and Spookable Pooh


Fecha de Lanzamiento: August 27, 2002

Estado: Estrenada

Calificación de Contenido: NR

/ 10
3 Usuarios Calificaciónes
Winnie the Pooh - Frankenpooh and Spookable Pooh

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This pair of monster Winnie the Pooh hits offer preschoolers the mildest of frights to add to their Halloween fun. "Frankenpooh" contains a trio of tyke-appropriate stories about a honey-guzzling Pooh on the loose, a ghostbusting Piglet, and the dreaded "Grabme Gotcha" who, friends fear, may have scared Piglet and Pooh away. In "Spookable Pooh," timid Piglet gets medieval on a magical kingdom's dragon and learns, with Pooh and company's help, that bad dreams can have happy endings. Familiar characters and fanciful stories should help young viewers steel themselves against common childhood fears. Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson

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