Arne Dahl: The Europe Blues


Release Date: March 14, 2012

Original name: Arne Dahl: Europa Blues

Status: Released

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In "Depth Pain" a complex series of murders of international dimensions holds the Stockholm special investigators Kerstin Holm and Paul Hjelm in breath. A long needle is stuck in his head: It is a cool, calculating murder committed by the renowned Swedish Nobel Prize candidate. But why does the nearly ninety-year-old have to die in such a painful way? And what is the connection between his death and that of a terrible corpse discovered by Paul Hjelm and his team in the Stockholm amusement park Skansen? There is only one trace that the investigators could pursue: Epivu. This strange word has scratched the dead of Skansen into the earth – and the other victim also seemed to have known these letters.

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Arne Dahl: Europa Blues, is a Swedish miniseries broadcast on 14 March 2012 and directed by Niklas Ohlson and Mattias Ohlsson. It is the third miniseries and the fifth part of Arne Dahl's franchise.The miniseries is an adaptation to the screen of the novel "Arne Dahl: Europa Blues" by the Swedish author Jan Arnald, who sometimes signed under the pseudonym "Arne Dahl" published in 2001. The miniseries is preceded by Arne Dahl: De största vatten and succeeded by the miniseries Arne Dahl: En midsommarnattsdröm.

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